Libya after Ghaddafi “paradise on Earth”:

Syria, where the western and Wahhabi backed rebels regret having cut off the head of the wrong person:

Syria: What remains of the original over-hyped FSA?
Hussein Harmoush: Captured and executed
Riad al Asaad: Severely wounded and irrelevant through Jabhat al Nusra bombing
Mustafa Shaikh: Completely disappeared in political terms
Abdul Jabbar al Oqaidi (Aleppo commander): Resigned after defeat at as-Safirah
Yaser Abboud (Deraa commander): Killed by SAA (Syrian Army)
and now Abdul Qader al Saleh, “Liwa Tawheed” commander killed:

Iraq, 10 years after “mission accomplished” a failed state BECAUSE of US intervention:

and the good news goes to Iran: