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The events of the recent weeks are all no coincidents but clearly systematic and the purpose is to torpedo any Iranian-American with regards to the nuclear issue. Israel and Saudi Arabia but also France are dedicated to derailing any possible US-Iranian rapprochement.

To begin with, there was the Israeli attack on a Syrian Air defense base in Lattakia, clearly intended to provoke Iranian hardliners against President Rouhani:

Then there was the killing of Iranian border guards by extremist Sunni Jihadists operating from Pakistan. Here an excellent analysis of this and similar attacks:

Next came the news about Saudi Arabia planning/considering to buy nuclear WEAPONS (not energy related technology) from Pakistan:

Imagine, there is a new elected reformist President trying to remove his countrys hardliners objections against talks with the US which would result in making painful concessions and then the news comes out that the regional arch enemy is going to directly buy the ready nuclear weapons.

Finally, France – definitely on behalf of Israel and the Saudis – was the active party in making the Geneva talks of P5+1 and Iran fail:

“other diplomats at the talks were furious with the role of the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, whom they accused of breaking ranks by revealing details of the negotiations as soon as he arrived in Geneva on Saturday morning, and then breaking protocol again by declaring the results to the press before Ashton and Zarif had arrived at the final press conference.”