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“The videos that are examined by the study are among the first thirty-five videos uploaded on the internet after the attack in East Ghouta. Almost all of them were uploaded between two to seven hours after the incident and the Local Coordination Committees. ”

“Key findings are:

(1) Most the footage is of children.

(2) There is almost a total absence of adult corpses next to the bodies of the children.

(3) There is almost a total absence of parents, especially mothers, coming to claim the bodies of the dead children.

(5) The testimonies being used against the Syrian government include those of individuals claiming to have smelled the chemical that was used whereas sarin is an odorless gas.

(6) The testimonies that most the victims were found in their homes are at odds with the claims by the same people that most the victims could not be identified.

(9) The same couple appears as parents looking for their children in two different videos and each time they claim a different child as theirs among the corpses.