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“Investigative journalist Gareth Porter has already explored many of the inconsistencies in the administration case from an intelligence point of view. Last week I signed on to a letter entitled “Is Syria a Trap?” sent to the president by a number of members of my intelligence-officer circle. The 12 signatories included former officers in the CIA, Army and Marine Corps, Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI, NSA, and Foreign Service. Based on contributions that we had obtained through our contacts, which include a number of active-duty intelligence officers, we concluded that the admittedly fragmentary information that is currently available to us indicates that both British and American intelligence know that Bashar al-Assad did not carry out the chemical attack in Damascus on Aug. 21…The key finding relating to the nature of the attack is analysis that indicates that the chemical agents used were not military grade, suggesting instead that the incident was caused deliberately by the rebels using over-the-counter chemicals, certainly a lethal concoction but not equivalent to a chemical-weapons attack carried out by a military unit.”