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“Gas is a sickening weapon. Yet, there is no evidence thus far that Assad ordered its use. Rebel elements are said to have been found with sarin. As for Americans who tend to prefer white phosphorus, napalm and cluster bombs, upon what lofty moral ground do we stand?”

“An unclassified version of a French intelligence report on Syria that was released Monday hardly cleared things up; France confirmed only 281 fatalities…t is harder to sell a war of choice to the American public and to Congress if the death toll is 281, or 350, than if it is 1,429, “including 426 children.””

“A co-ordinated wave of bombings tore through Shia Muslim areas in and around the Iraqi capital early today, part of a wave of bloodshed that has killed at least 66 people”

“At least 60 people have been killed in a series of car bomb attacks and shootings in mainly Shia districts of Iraq’s capital Baghdad,”